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MAFA-Sebald Produktions-GmbH is a family owned business in Third Generation, founded by Hermann Sebald 1938 in Berlin. First, only lubrication devices were produced. The development of the company continued rapidly and then soon there was a production of compressed air tools, various apparatus and machinery. Also the trading with commercial products was continuously expanded. Over time, we have developed into a global supplier in spray technology.

Quality, efficiency and innovation are continued to be increased, which is why we continuously invest in our employees and technical equipment.

Since 1971 we produce in 58339 Breckerfeld and offer our customers more than 10,000 products. About the company's own online shop www.mafa-shop.com we are available for our customers around the clock.

Our delivery program includes among other things:
Occupational safety products and hygiene products, industrial needs and workshop requirements, compressed air technology, fittings and shut-off valves, lubrication technology and hoses pipes attachment. The Construction Technology department supplies cracks restoration products, as well as the preparation of injection packers and the associated processing materials such as POX Resin 2-components epoxy resin, PU Resin 2-components polyurethane resin and injection cream C80 horizontal barrier.

If you do not find the articles you are looking for despite our large assortment, we ask you to send your request to: info@mafa-sebald.com.

Our Mechanical Engineering Department develops on your request equipment and machines in the area of spray technology, which we then like to produce in custom order for you.

Since September 01. 2021, we have also taken over the production and distribution of the product range noise multi-channel compressed air nozzles and accessories of the company Ger├Ątebau-Insul GmbH.


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