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Adhesive Packer HD/ND

Adhesive Packer HD/ND
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  • A0813000200
Adhesive Packer HD / ND m aterial transparent modified plastic... more
Product information "Adhesive Packer HD/ND"

Adhesive Packer HD / ND

  • material transparent modified plastic
  • selectable between high pressure nipple HD and low pressure nipple ND 8mm thread length, unassembled
  • dimensions 100x70mm
  • wide adhesive surface
  • gaps at the edge allow gearing between glue and packer
  • connection nipple HD / ND

Suitable for:

  • especially for pressing on sensitive structures and surfaces


  • the transparent plastic allows the precise observation of the material flow
  • the shape results in a large and toothed adhesive surface, which guarantees high stability, resilience and durability
  • due to the size and shape of the packer, wider cracks and gaps can be processed

The use of adhesive packers allows injection in constructions that can not be drilled for structural reasons - e.g. Prestressed concrete, in / at tunnels, bridges, slender components, English reinforcements

Application of the adhesive packer:

  • for better adhesion of the glue packer, roughen the surface on both sides around the crack
  • lace the adhesive packer at a distance from the component thickness (eg component thickness 50 cm = packer distance 50 cm) -  MAFA Art. 91540001 - please use suitable adhesive, MAFA Art. 91540001
  • close the crack and edge of the adhesive packer with insulation material
  • depending on the compression, do not close the crack end approx. 3 to 5 cm
  • perform injection until injection material emerges from the next packer
  • conical nipples are screwed on one after the other, after the injection material has left the next adhesive packer
  • packer and insulation are removed after pressing
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