Round nozzle 1873 - 6 slots

Air nozzle 1873, 6 slots
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Compressed air nozzle with 6 slots Noise-reducing compressed air blowing nozzle for... more
Product information "Round nozzle 1873 - 6 slots"

Compressed air nozzle with 6 slots

Noise-reducing compressed air blowing nozzle for spot and simple applications. Both as a universal nozzle for use on blowguns and for stationary blowing systems. As a robust all-metal nozzle also predestined for higher temperature ranges.


  • Total length: 45 mm
  • Thread length: 8 mm
  • Nozzle outer diameter: 10 mm
  • Outer housing dimension: 17 mm Skt.
  • Weight 27 g
  • Heat resistance: 400 degrees C
  • Material: brass, nickel-plated steel

Special feature:
It is not possible to close this nozzle!  At 6 bar inlet pressure, measured at the nozzle tip, it generates a pressure on the impact surface of far below 2.0 bar (measured on a reference surface of 30mm diameter).
The value thus complies with the American OSHA guideline 1910.242(b).
This guideline requires the use of a suitable chip shield (see part no. A04031510) when using compressed air nozzles. For personal cleaning, the usual personal protective equipment (PPE) must also be worn.
Caution.  The cleaning of persons with the use of compressed air is prohibited in Germany!

In accordance with Article 33 of the REACH Regulation, we would like to point out that this product or its individual parts contain the substance specified below as a component in CuZn39Pb3 (Ms58 / material number 2.0401) with more than 0.1 mass percent:
Material: lead (Pb), CAS: 7439-92-1, EINECS: 231-100-4, List: SVHC Candidate List.
For parts made of brass and nickel-plated parts, we claim the exemption according to Annex III of the Directive number 6c "Copper alloys containing up to 4% lead by mass".

The use of the product is the responsibility of the customer.

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