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Horizontal Barrier Injection Creme C80

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Content: 0.6 Liter (€75.37 * / 1 Liter)

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  • A9001010701
Injection Cream C80 An aqueous, solvent-free injection cream with 80% active... more
Product information "Horizontal Barrier Injection Creme C80"

Injection Cream C80

An aqueous, solvent-free injection cream with 80% active ingredient content

Horizontal barrier against rising wall moisture
Solvent-free special cream based on saline

Environmentally friendly: Only a small amount of plastic in the tubular bag, larger quantities in the metal bucket.

Product description:
MAFA C80 Injection Cream is used as an injectant to cure rising damp in building masonry. The introduction of the cream into the masonry or the mortar joints is carried out without pressure on horizontal boreholes. MAFA C80 Injection Cream can also be used at high levels of moisture penetration. Especially for exposed masonry surfaces - bricks, natural stones, etc.
Not suitable for aerated concrete!

Application areas:
 - Ready to use
 - Permanent protection, as product does not decompose
 - Drying time approx. 3 days (data subject to change due to different masonries or temperature influences)
 - Silane-based, solvent-free
 - Very productive, low consumption
 - Optimized for the pressureless application
 - Easy, fast and safe to use
 - For high moisture levels

Mode of action / properties:
Narrowing and hydrophobing of existing capillaries and thus interruption of capillary absorbency

Quality control:
Self-monitoring by our production laboratory

Technical specifications:
Material basis: Silane
Appearance: milky, white pasty
Viscosity mixture: 3500 - 5000 mPas
Density: 0.80kg/L
pH value: 7
Consumption borehole injection: each 10 cm masonry thickness about 0.1 L per meter. according to absorbency of the masonry
Processing temperature / material temperature: not below 8 ° C
Flash point:> 100 ° C
Active substance content: approx. 80% wt.%
VOC content: VOC free
Storage: frost-free
Shelf life: original sealed max. 8 months
Delivery form: 600ml tubular bag and 5 L plastic canister

All technical data refer to laboratory conditions 20°C/65% r.F.

MAFA Injection Cream C80 is injected through holes in the masonry. The holes are usually placed 20-30cm in terrain height outside, or at floor level inside. The injection tube adapted to the borehole diameter is inserted as far as possible into the borehole. By slowly squeezing with simultaneous extraction of the injection tube complete filling of the holes should be achieved. It is advisable to choose a borehole distance of 12cm and a borehole diameter of 12-13mm. The drilling depth should correspond to the wall depth reduced by about 2cm. Clean the drilled holes of drilling dust before injecting. For this we recommend our MAFA boring cleaning gun BRP2 item number: 15012601.
The application is possible up to a moisture degree of about 95%. After the injection material has penetrated into the underground, the holes must be closed with mortar.

Masonry with larger cavities, chamber stones, open cracks and joints must be closed with mortar to prevent uncontrolled drainage of the fluid.

Lime, gypsum or sheer cement plasters in the area of ​​the borehole injection must be removed and replaced with a restoration plaster. Up to approx. 30cm above the borehole injection area, the surface should be provided vertically with sealing slurry before the plaster application.

Subsequent interior sealing:
See separate technical product leaflet

a) Approximately 0,09 - 0,1 L per 10cm wall thickness per meter. however, the absorbency of the substrate, the degree of moisture penetration and the method play a decisive role.
b) The complete technology, including injection material, corresponds exactly to the valid WTA leaflet 4-4-96.
c) For cavities in the masonry, a pre-injection with mortar must be carried out.
d) Glass and anodised parts are to be protected from contamination. The cleaning of tools and machines is done with water only.
e) Plasters can not be silicified.

Hazard statements:
H315 causes skin irritation

Safety instructions:
P102 Keep out of the reach of children.
P264.1 Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
P280 Wear protective gloves / protective clothing / eye protection / face protection.
P301 / 310 If swallowed, call immediately POISON CENTER or PHYSICIAN.
P332 / 313 if skin irritation occurs seek medical advice / attention.

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