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Lamella drive-in packer D18CF with tube and fan nozzle

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Lamella drive-in packer D18CF Properties/characteristics: Lamella drive-in packer... more
Product information "Lamella drive-in packer D18CF with tube and fan nozzle"

Lamella drive-in packer D18CF

Lamella drive-in packer with check valve
Material Polyethylene PE-HD
Dimensions for Extension tube: Outer diameter ø27mm, Extension tube lengths 250 - 950mm (last lamella of the packer measured)
Recommended borehole ø18mm
Max. borehole ø20mm
Passage ø4,5/8mm
Connection quick coupling NW7.2 Type26
Sealing 7 slats, progressive

Applications: Cavity filling, curtain injection, GEL injections, exterior waterproofing
Suitable for: Hydrophobic silicone oils, GEL-injection, Epoxy resins, PUR resins and foams, Cement suspension/Cement paste

Advantages of the extended injection winder D18CF with open tip:
All conventional injection methods for wall dressing, whether with screw packers or injection impact packers, cause the material injected into the ground through the masonry in an uncontrolled manner to escape into the ground. If then operated even with increased pressure, the probability is greater that only forms a cavern in the form of a bubble before the hole opening in the ground, as the material spreads between soil and masonry and thus a permanently elastic material film against the masonry Moisture and / or pressing water seals. This is eliminated by the extended tip lamellar impact packer with a tube. The open top, which is connected via the adaptable to the masonry tube, fixed to the packer, causes by their structural design that the injected material is no longer uncontrolled straight injected into the soil, but is deflected in the tip to the side openings , If the openings of the tip now in the area immediately in front of the masonry and the soil, the injection material inevitably pushes under pressure into the boundary layer of masonry and soil, so hereby results in the desired effect of a sealing fogging in front of the masonry.

Description of the extended injection winder D18 CF with open tip:
 - Slat impact packer D18 with spring-loaded plastic check valve
 - Tube, in the standard version adapted to the masonry thickness 24cm, 36cm, 48cm, all custom lengths can be produced. Due to the choice of material and the wall thickness, the pipe has a desired relative bending stiffness, which makes it possible to be used even if the drill holes are not exactly straight
 - Open tip, which, thanks to its shape and stiffness in combination with the vg. Characteristics of the tube ensures improved guidance but beyond that is also able to displace into the drill channel slipping, loose brickwork

The extendable lamella impact winder D18 with open tip forms a channel in the masonry up to the tip, bridging the fissured or multi-layer masonry up to the open tip. A seal between masonry and pipe with an open tip is not required, since with adapted bore the gap in the masonry is filled by the sealant and prevent the fins of the packer D18 leakage of the sealant air side into the room. Another advantage of the open-tip D18 packer is that significantly less sealing material is needed because nothing can seep out of the masonry in an uncontrolled manner.


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