Plastic Screw Packer

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  • A08130100
Plastic Screw Packer material fiberglass reinforced plastic selectable... more
Product information "Plastic Screw Packer"

Plastic Screw Packer

  • material fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • selectable between high pressure nipple H / DIN 71412, low pressure nipple H / DIN 71412 or flat head nipple M1 ø16mm
  • dimensions selectable between ø13x115mm and ø16x115mm
  • material nipple and nut steel
  • material pinch seal rubber
  • nipple thread M8x1
  • sealing in the nipple
  • connection high pressure nipple, low pressure nipple, flat head nipple

Plastic screw packer with high pressure nipple:

  • for high pressure compression
  • max injection pressure 300 bar

Plastic screw packer with flat head nipple:

  • for high pressure compression
  • max injection pressure 300 bar

Plastic screw packer with low pressure nipple:

  • for low pressure compression


Our plastic screw packer is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. No parts remain in the hole after injection, causing corrosion or oxidation. The front part can be removed with a slight blow because of a correspondingly placed predetermined breaking point. Thus, our packer is superior to any steel packer in terms of economy, since its price is lower than the cost of the minimum required for the proper removal of steel packers after the "ZV crack". - e.g. Prestressed concrete, in / at tunnels, bridges, slender components, English reinforcements


In a drilled hole matched to the packer diameter, the packers are clamped with the aid of the rubber sleeve. An advantage of the screw packer is the possibility of re-tensioning during the injection. The packers can be clamped either by hand with a key or by machine (Poppnietsystem). Before bracing, it should be ensured that the compressive strength of the building material allows it to be braced. The injection device is connected to a nipple attachment on the packer, which also acts as a check valve.

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