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POX Resin - 2-component epoxy resin

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Content: 1 kilogramm

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  • A9001010401
    POX resin 2-component epoxy resin Elastic injection resin... more
Product information "POX Resin - 2-component epoxy resin"



POX resin 2-component epoxy resin

Elastic injection resin and coating resin - solvent-free

Product description:
MAFA Pox is a solvent-free, unfilled, transparent 2-component epoxy resin with high compressive and tensile strength.
Application areas:

  • POX is used for the frictional and sealing bonding and injection of concrete, wood and natural stone
  • POX sticks well on dry, damp and wet surfaces
  • Cures under water without affecting the resin properties
  • In addition, with POX adhesive bridges, coatings, highly wear-resistant thin and thick coverings, waterproofing and industrial floors can be produced.

Mode of action / properties:

  • The blended components cure to a hard-elastic thermoset having high compressive, flex, adhesive, and shear strengths
  • Thanks to its special, mature formulation, POX adheres very well to dry and damp surfaces
  • POX is highly resistant to chemicals, when cured it is physiologically harmless and non-toxic

Technical data
Material basis: solvent-free 2-component epoxy resin
Appearance: honey yellow, transparent
Viscosity (20 ° C): about 270 mPas
Density 20 ° C:
Component A = 1.12 kg / L
Component B = 1.03 kg / L
Mixture = 1.07 kg / L
Comp.A / Comp.B Gwe. Parts: 2:1
Comp.A /comp.B Vol. Parts: 2.2:1

Mixing ratio:                Component A             Component B
  1kg                                  0,67kg           :           0,33kg
  2kg                                  1,34kg           :           0,67kg
  3kg                                  2,00kg           :           1,00kg
  4kg                                  2,67kg           :           1,33kg
  5kg                                  3,33kg           :           1,66kg
  6kg                                  4,00kg           :           2,00kg
  7kg                                  4,67kg           :           2,33kg
  8kg                                  5,33kg           :           2,67kg
  9kg                                  6,00kg           :           3,00kg
10kg                                  6,77kg           :           3,33kg
11kg                                  7,33kg           :           3,67kg

Processing time 20 ° C: approx. 40 minutes with a batch of 1kg
Processing temperature / material temperature: not below 5 ° C
Curing time (20 ° C): approx. 12 hours, final strength after approx. 7 days
Bending tensile strength: 31.9N / mm²
Shear strength in concrete bonding: 6.33N / mm² (bonding and storage dry), 4.06N / mm² (bonding and storage wet)
Storage: dry, protect from direct sunlight
Shelf life: 1 year in unopened containers

Hazardous no. (November 2012): Component A = UN3082 / Component B = UN1760

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