Crack injection set 2 PUR

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Crack inejctions set 2 PUR For repaire of cracks in basement walls, concrete floors,... more
Product information "Crack injection set 2 PUR"

Crack inejctions set 2 PUR

For repaire of cracks in basement walls, concrete floors, concrete walls and many more.

Rising Restoration Kit 2 PUR consists of:

  • 3x1 liter can PU resin
    - 2-component polyurethane resin - Elastic injection resin and coating resin - solvent-free
    - For non-positive bonding of cracks and different building materials with each other. In the mixture is a milky-turbid liquid of relatively low viscosity.
    Product description: SEE BELOW

  • 1x injection press 500ml
         - with hose 300mm and gripping coupling for nipples at the injection packer

  • 25x plastic screw injection packer
     - ø13mm x ca 110mm long, with non-return valve
  • 1x Safety glasses UV clear with soft-touch strap
  • 1x Pair of high quality Showa 160PVC gloves

3 liters of polyurethane resin are sufficient for approx. 8 to 10 meters of cracking. Precise details are not possible regarding the nature, the depth, the masonry, etc.

Application areas:

  • is used for elastic sealing of cracks, imperfections, voids, expansion and working joints in civil engineering.
  • is used in all types of structures and building structures.
  • is suitable for filling in the casting or low pressure process, as well as for crack injection in the medium to high pressure process.
  • seals properly against pressurized water.
  • is also used as an elastic, wear-resistant coating material.

Mode of action / properties:

  • Cures after processing to a Schrumoffreien, permanently elastic polymer
  • retains its elasticity even at minus degrees
  • Like all polyurethanes, it has a fantastic flank adhesion and can be applied to dry, damp or wet flanks
  • is absolutely weather-resistant and offers excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Like all PU materials, it tends to yellow and is not UV stable
  • is completely physiologically and ecologically harmless in the hardened state.

Officially tested by the Technical University of Munich - drinking water approval

Technical Data:
Material Base: solvent-free 2-component polyurethane resin

Appearance: milky, cloudy, liquid
Viscosity Mixture: approx. 500 mPas

Density (20°C)
Component A: 1.00kg/l

Component B: 1.22kg/l
Mixture: 1.03kg/l
Comp.A / Comp.B: 6:1
Comp.A / Comp.B: 7,3:1

Mixing ratios bundle 7kgs:
                         Comp.A     Comp.B
2kgs                 1,71kgs   :    0,29kgs
3kgs                 2,57kgs   :    0,43kgs
4kgs                 3,43kgs   :    0,57kgs
5kgs                 4,29kgs   :    0,71kgs
6kgs                 5,14kgs   :    0,86kgs

Processing Time (20°C): about 45 minutes
Processing Temperature (Material Temperature):
not less than 8°C
Hardening: approx. 4 hours
Accessibility: approx. 12 hours
Curing: about 7 days
Shore A hardness: approx. 70
Elongation at break: 60%
Young's modulus: 4.0 N / mm²
Consumption: 100-500 g / running meter depending on the crack width

Storage: dry conditions, away from direct sunlight
Storability: 1 year in airtight containers
Delivery form: 1kg and 7kg tinplate containers

Hazardous Goods (November 2012): only for Component B - UN2498

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