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Sockets H5000- Original Eaton Gromelle profile

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  • A1660980112
Hydraulic coupling H5000 - Original Eaton Gromelle profile. The hydraulic coupling in... more
Product information "Sockets H5000- Original Eaton Gromelle profile"

Hydraulic coupling H5000 - Original Eaton Gromelle profile.

The hydraulic coupling in steel, brass or stainless steel is suitable for heavy duty applications such as high pressure, pressure surges, heavy mechanical loads and frequent connection and disconnection cycles.
H5000 series with original Eaton Gromelle profile is the most widely used series and is applied in the most diverse fields.

Fields of application:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Railroad industry
  • Aviation
  • Food processing
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Electronics
  • Laboratories
  • General industry


  • with double shut-off valves
  • ball locking
  • Pressure capacity
  • Eaton Gromelle profile
  • Sleeve locking possible (on request)
  • High pressure capacity
  • Sealing material in NBR, Viton(FKM), EPDM
Items not available are possible on request:
  • 16609701112E   EPDM 1.1/2BSPP      VA
  • 16609701114E   EPDM 1.1/4BSPP      VA
  • 16609701112V   FKM 1.1/2BSPP        VA
  • 16609701114V   FKM 1.1/4BSPP        VA
  • 1660990322E    EPDM M22x1.5        steel
  • 1660990318E    EPDM M18x1.5        steel
  • 1660990314E    EPDM M14x1.5        steel
  • 1660990310E    EPDM M10x1.0        steel
  • 16609901112E   EPDM 1.1/2BSPP    steel
  • 16609901114E   EPDM 1.1/4BSPP    steel
  • 1660990138E     EPDM 3/8BSPP      steel
  • 1660990201E     EPDM 1 "NPT         steel
  • 1660990234E     EPDM 3/4NPT        steel
  • 1660990212E     EPDM 1/2NPT        steel
  • 1660990238E     EPDM 3/8NPT        steel
  • 1660990214E     EPDM 1/4NPT        steel
  • 1660990322V     FKM M22x1.5         steel
  • 1660990318V     FKM M18x1.5         steel
  • 1660990314V     FKM M14x1.5         steel
  • 1660990310V     FKM M10x1.0         steel
  • 16609901112V   FKM 1.1/2BSPP      steel
  • 16609901114V   FKM 1.1/4BSPP      steel
  • 1660990138V    FKM 3/8BSPP         steel
  • 1660990201V    FKM 1 "NPT            steel
  • 1660990234V    FKM 3/4NPT           steel
  • 1660990212V    FKM 1/2NPT           steel
  • 1660990238V    FKM 3/8NPT           steel
  • 1660990214V    FKM 1/4NPT           steel
  • 1660990218V    FKM 1/8NPT           steel
The following designs are available upon request:

Coupling in steel:

  • NBR: M27x1.5
  • FKM: 1/8 NPT; M27x1.5
  • EPDM: 1/8 NPT; M27x1.5

Coupling in brass:

  • NBR: 1 BSPP; 1.1/4 BSPP; 1.1/2 BSPP; 2 BSPP.
  • FKM: 1/8 BSPP; 1.1/4 BSPP; 1.1/2 BSPP
  • EPDM: 1.1/4 BSPP; 1.1/2 BSPP

Stainless steel coupling:

  • FKM and EPDM: 1/8 NPT; 1/4 NPT; 1 NPT, 1/8 BSPP.

Due to the uncertain situation on the raw material and energy market, all sales prices and delivery times are subject to change.

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