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Historical development of MAFA

Foundation in Berlin and move to Hagen

On May 28, 1938, Hermann Sebald founded a lubricant distributor in Berlin with a branch in Hagen. After the headquarters in Berlin was finally relocated to Hagen in 1948, the MAFA-Sebald company began to produce spray guns in-house.

From the beginning of the 1960s, the castings were manufactured in our own gravity die-casting foundry. The foundry department was expanded in 1971 to include aluminum high-pressure die casting.  In the meantime we are casting on a casting machine with approx. 320 tons of pressing force.

Even in these early years of company history, MAFA-Sebald stood for reliable and innovative products that have a good reputation for quality worldwide.

Relocation to the current location

In 1971 the company management decided to move the entire company to nearby Breckerfeld. An office building and a new production hall were built. At the same time, the technology is modernized and production is switched to Aluminium High-Pressure Die-Casting. As a result, the product range in the areas of spray technology and lubrication technology can be expanded and new products from the workshop equipment, pneumatics and industrial equipment sectors can be added to the range.

Although manufacturing is becoming more and more modern and efficient, retailers are never behind. In 1982, for example, a new shipping hall was designed and built, from where the MAFA-Sebald Products were shipped all over the world.

Expansion of the company and a look into the future

In 1992 a new assembly hall follows on the site, in which the highly technical equipment is put together.

Due to the continuous expansion of the product range, customers have more than 10,000 items available, which can now also be purchased in the company's own online shop. This has made MAFA-Sebald one of the world's leading manufacturers and dealers in the field of spray technology.

This path has been continued and expanded by Kim Hermann Sebald in the third generation since mid-2014.

We look forward to being able to offer our customers innovative and high-quality products in the future and are therefore continually investing in our technical equipment. In early 2015, for example, a new Aluminum High-Pressure Die Casting Machine and Aluminium Melting Furnace were put into operation.